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ETI's Modular Multiple Modular Power Source Systems™

Tactical Micro Grid™ ControllerFor years, ETI's products have provided reliable, sustainable energy to our Warfighters in the field. Now renewable energy including solar, wind and fuel cell power, can be combined to support small to moderate size sites. Besides saving fuel costs, this approach reduces the dependency on fuel logistics to generate power. In addition, these sources are quiet and produce minimal heat signature. Traditional sources such a diesel generators can also be combined for larger systems or as backup. In either case, all of the power production and utilization is managed by ETI's intelligent Tactical Micro Grid® controllers.

  • Automatically selects between available power sources based on economics & load demand
  • Automatically manages loads based on priorities & available power sources

Today's soldiers need to be able to respond to changing conditions on the ground quickly and lugging along heavy generators and fuel tanks can be a liability.

ETI's Tactical Shelter systems combine several new technologies to provide clean silent renewable power.

Solar Panels: ETI is utilizing new thin film panels that are higher in efficiency, lighter in weight, foldable, robust with less impact from solar shading
Fuel Cells: ETI has developed more robust, lighter weight Fuel Cells for replacing engine generators in tactical applications.
Battery Modules: ETI is incorporating superior Lithium-Ion & Lithium-Polymer batteries for reduced weight & increased backup time.

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